The Way To Make A Simple Eucalyptus Wreath

Eucalyptus Wreath

The foundation of every décor style is this easy-to-make eucalyptus wreath. For an ensemble that is appropriate for every season, jazz it up with several seasonal touches!

A wreath made from seeded eucalyptus branches is not only attractive, but also multipurpose! It’s the ideal method of decorating at any time of year. Make a wreath that is just the right size for your room and add décor-coordinating embellishments. To make the ideal personalized item, tuck felt flowers, pinecones, or berry sprigs into the wreath.

Although conventional eucalyptus looks better, you may replace it if you wish. We favor seeded eucalyptus because it has lovely, full leaves and a natural color diversity in the seeds and stems. The foundation of our straightforward wreath is an embroidery hoop. Since embroidery hoops are sometimes offered in graduated size sets, you could choose to make a family of these eucalyptus wreaths to exhibit collectively.

Items You’ll Require

Tools and Equipment

  • Materials for Scissors
  • Seasonal add-ons
  • Ribbon
  • Cut wire
  • Floral tape or floral wire
  • Hoop for embroidery
  • Eugenia branches that have been seeded (check floral supply wholesalers)

Directions for Making a Eucalyptus Wreath

You should be able to do this project in less than an hour if you follow these easy directions.

STEP 1: Connect the Eucalyptus Wreath branches to the embroidery hoop

Gather numerous eucalyptus branches and link them at the stems to form bunches of branches using florist wire to construct the foundation wreath. Create many such clusters and arrange them over a wooden embroidery hoop ($2.5, Michaels). Attach each bundle to the hoop using more floral wire or floral tape (available at Michaels for $4). Overlap the bundles to conceal the stems. Once all of the bundles are joined, add more branches to cover any spaces left by the bundles

STEP 2: Attach embellishments

This is your opportunity to truly customize your wreath! Add berries, leaves, and pinecone sprigs for an all-natural look, or go with handmade accents like felt flowers. This is the ideal time to incorporate colors from your current décor. Select decorations for the wreath that complement other features in the space if you plan to hang it indoors. Think about using flowers or colors in your wreath that complement the plants on your porch if you’re putting it on the front door.

STEP 3: Attach ribbon and suspend

Hang the wreath from your front entrance with a long ribbon or a big ornamental hook. This wreath looks excellent with fall front porch decorations, as you can see in the photo below. However, you could also use it as a decoration for a winter holiday display by adding some red berries or miniature Christmas ornaments ($16, Target). Even after it’s hanging, we adore the notion of keeping adding to this eucalyptus wreath !


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